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World-class Workflow.

Xequence has been designed with one primary goal in mind: to compose, arrange and refine your musical ideas, anywhere, anytime, in the most straightforward and efficient way possible.

Its user interface is lightning-fast, well laid-out and is fine-tuned in many non-obvious and intricate ways to enable the best possible editing speed on a mobile device.

World-class Editing.

Xequence offers an unparalleled array of editing tools on every level from arrangement to individual notes or controllers.

All editors and operations are lightning-fast and provide a desktop-class feel and responsiveness, even with thousands of clips or events.

World-class Connectivity.

Xequence supports many ways to connect and sync:

  • Connect to any other MIDI-enabled app on the device via CoreMIDI
  • Connect to any external MIDI hardware via any class-compliant MIDI interface
  • Connect to any Bluetooth MIDI device directly from within the app
  • Sync tempo (fixed per song), beat position and start/stop with other apps and hardware via Ableton Link 3
  • Integrate Xequence with Audiobus 3 and use it as a sender or receiver in MIDI lanes
  • Full State Saving support lets you save entire sessions, including the Xequence project and all other apps, as a single Audiobus preset
  • Send MIDI Sync to other apps or devices with best-in-class MIDI clock stability
  • Import and export standard MIDI files with a high degree of compatibility

All connections are extremely stable and are automatically reestablished whenever another app crashes, quits, or restarts — without any user interaction needed.

World-class Timing.

Xequence uses a buffered MIDI engine which ensures absolutely rock-solid timing with apps and interfaces that support this technology, which is the majority. Every bass drum and hi-hat is spot-on to the microsecond (sample-accurate if the receiving app or interface supports it).

In addition, Xequence has a ridiculous editing resolution of 24576 PPQ, again enabling sample-accurate editing of notes and controllers.

World-class Stability.

Xequence has been developed to the highest standards in software design, providing excellent stability and reliability.

At Seven Systems, we have 20 years of software development experience in many different sectors and on many different operating systems, giving us the ability to design quality software from the deepest bits and bytes to the visible user interface.

In the almost 2 years since its original release, there have been exactly zero reports of corrupted or lost projects, which is essentially unheard of in the world of mobile sequencers or DAWs.

If you ever encounter a serious problem when loading one of your projects, you can email it to us and we will try and fix it at no charge.

World-class Mobility.

Xequence is a universal app and runs on anything from an iPhone 5s (or SE) to a full-blown iPad Pro, with all features and tools available and the best possible editing experience given the limits imposed by the screen size.

World-class Support.

All support inquiries are handled professionally and the majority of them are processed within a few hours, while the rest will receive a response within a maximum of 24 - 48 hours.

Xequence is not a "black box" where you don't know if your projects will still be editable in a few weeks' time — it is here to stay now and in the future.