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seven systems develops and implements cutting-edge, reference quality web-based systems, as well as Apps for mobile devices.

Projects created by seven systems cover a wide variety of fields and include versatile web-based Content Management Systems, complex E-Commerce solutions, dependable Intranet accounting systems, as well as online communities, games, and utilities.

Every aspect of our projects is realized exactly according to the needs and specifications of our customers, resulting in extraordinary quality, reliability and efficiency.

Please inquire should you be interested in working with us on one of your projects.


An advanced linear MIDI Sequencer and Keyboard / Controller for iPhone and iPad.

App support / Report an issue Quickstart Guide (download as PDF) Download Korg Gadget Demo Project


  • Efficient User Interface for an amazing editing workflow on a mobile device
  • Scale-aware Keyboard and Pianoroll Editor: All modules and functions observe the current instrument's scale
  • 16 scales included
  • Extremely tight MIDI timing
  • Accurate song looping, no dropouts/jitter at loop points
  • Robust controller (CC) handling with backtracing (inside parts)
  • Supports any time signature /BPM
  • Ableton Link (no tempo ramps)
  • MIDI In and Thru with re-channelization and re-routing to currently selected instrument
  • MIDI Sync Master (Clock/Start/Stop/Continue/SPP) - other DAWs or pattern sequencers can run in accurate sync with Xequence, e.g. to use audio tracks, or an external drum machine. Several modes for maximum compatibility
  • Works perfectly with e.g. AUM or Gadget as hosts / sound generators, with drum sequencers like Ruismaker, or with Beatmaker 2 for synced audio tracks


  • Unlimited Parts
  • Unlimited Tracks via In-App Purchase (4 tracks out of the box)
  • 64 Undo/Redo steps
  • Per-track non-destructive Swing and Delay (timeshift +/- 200 ms)
  • Any Track can be routed to any Instrument
  • Parts can be independent or linked (editing the original modifies all the copies)
  • Part-based looping
  • Selection tools: Marquee/Rectangle, Same Track, Same Instrument, Linked Parts, Invert
  • Two selection modes: Add & Replace
  • Editing tools: Create Copy, Create Linked Copy, Unlink, Split, Join, Convert loops to parts
  • All edits can be performed across multiple tracks and parts
  • Track Mute/Solo
  • Draw mode
  • Position/Length Handles at screen edges for efficient editing


  • 256 Undo/Redo steps
  • Fully scale-aware, all edits observe the current instrument's scale
  • Relative or absolute grid: Snap Events to nearest grid line, or move by grid increments
  • Live Auditioning of all edits and mini keyboard keys on the left
  • Selection tools: Marquee/Rectangle, Same Note, Same Key, Same Beat Position, Invert
  • Two selection modes: Add & Replace
  • Editing tools: Copy, Legato, Quantize, Quantize Ends, Octave +/-, Flip H/V (mirror), Fill part with selection
  • Smart Draw mode: Touch to create, touch again to delete, drag up/down to transpose, drag left/right to change length
  • All editing settings remembered intelligently. It works like magic! (tm)
  • Note velocities can be edited as if they were controllers, see below:


  • 256 Undo/Redo steps
  • Selection tools: Marquee/Rectangle, Same Beat Position, Invert
  • Two Selection modes: Add & Replace
  • Editing tools: Copy, Reduce, Quantize, Compress/Expand, Flip H/V (mirror), Ramp (with various curves), Fill part with selection
  • Smart Draw mode
  • Velocities of notes can be shown as controllers and edited with the same tools


  • Fully scale-aware single or dual keyboards
  • Three modes: Scroll, Glide, Lock
  • Three available key widths
  • CCs (controllers) can be shown as touch bands next to the keyboard
  • All CCs can be controlled via touch, device rotation (up to three axes simultaneously), or played like a button (think "trance gates")
  • Velocity emulation option (via vertical position on key)


  • Unlimited Instruments (an Instrument is a MIDI destination & channel)
  • 3 definable CCs (Controllers) per Instrument
  • Compatible with virtually ALL synths and hosts


  • Audio & MIDI Metronome
  • Note chasing (long notes play even when playback starts in the middle)
  • iOS 11 "Files" app support (tap on "On My iPhone/iPad")
  • Ruler can be either fixed or modal (hidden automatically after use, to preserve screen space)
  • In-App hints for important features


  • Audiobus 3 MIDI
  • MIDI file import / export
  • ...and many more

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Korg Gadget Demo Project

Download Korg Gadget Demo Project (zip, 635kB)

This is the Gadget project that contains the sound setup for the demo project (Alpha) included with Xequence.

To use this (slightly complicated, but it works!)

You should now be able to listen to the demo song. Note that the Gadget project uses a few synths that are In-App Purchases, so you might not hear all sounds unless you've previously bought those synths in Gadget.

Have fun!

App Development

seven systems develops apps for both major mobile platforms: iOS (Apple iPhone & iPad) and Android (effectively all other mobile devices).

For most apps, we use a hybrid approach: the same technology stack is used for both platforms, so we can create a consistent, high-quality experience that is almost identical on all devices, while still offering the look and feel the user associates with the respective platform.

This also means that we can spend less time (and you less money) on development, while still covering virtually all mobile devices in the hands of your users.

We would like to emphasize that we do not use any third-party libraries for rolling out our apps: the entire technology stack is ours and thus under our complete control.

Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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