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Enhanced Pack.

Xequence's base feature set is already quite comprehensive – however, if you need more sophisticated capabilities, the Enhanced Pack may be something you'd like to consider.


MIDI Polyphonic Expression lets you record, playback and edit expression (controller) data separately for individual notes, using a number of well-rounded and robust editing features.

For recording, an MPE-capable hardware controller (or an app that can output MPE MIDI) is required (however, Xequence also has extensive tools for drawing and otherwise creating MPE expression data without an MPE controller).

You'll also need an MPE-capable synth (app or hardware) for playing polyphonic expression data. More and more such synths are becoming available.

RPN and NRPN support

Registered (RPN) and Non-Registered (NRPN) Parameters are an extension to the traditional MIDI Control Change (CC) messages and are used on many synths (especially hardware) to control less-common parameters, or ones that are very specific to that synth or other device.

They are also used for controlling many MPE-related settings.

The Enhanced Pack adds complete and transparent (N)RPN support, 7-bit or 14-bit (MSB and LSB) resolution, and full support for all editing features in the controller editor.

Load and save instrument setups

Each Xequence instrument can be saved to a file and then loaded again at a later point, even in a different project.

This includes its MIDI destination and channel, sync settings, color, complete controller setup and drum map.

You can easily build a library of instrument templates for your favorite synths or other MIDI devices this way and load them into projects as needed, saving you the hassle of setting everything up each time.

Factory instruments

The Enhanced Pack also includes 40 factory instrument setups (mostly for Korg Gadget) and we will expand this offering in the future!