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3 Band Reference Based Audio Mastering.

Trinity is an effective integrated mastering solution for digital music production enthusiasts & professionals, containing a set of precisely matched and fine-tuned creative tools for achieving the desired sound and loudness.

Focused on a reference-based mastering workflow, Trinity lets you work with an optional reference track whose sound you want to achieve, using a flexible spectrum analyzer to aid in comparing and matching.

All controls and sliders are fine-tuned for ease of use, appropriate sensitivity and defaults, making adjustments easy and efficient. Everything is available on a single screen without any distracting menu-diving.

44.1, 48 and 96 kHz sample rates are supported, as well as the following audio file types for import: WAV, MP3, AIFF, MP4, AAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless). Note that very long audio files (> 20 minutes) are not supported.

Reference-based Mastering

  • In addition to the raw input audio file, another (professionally produced) track can be loaded as a reference
  • Easy and immediate switching between both tracks for comparison and adjusting the app's controls to attain the desired sound
  • Seek bars with waveform previews and one-click seeking
  • One-click section looping for focusing on a certain part of the track

Spectrum Analysis

  • High-resolution and responsive FFT averaging frequency analyzer
  • Differential Spectrum feature can show the spectral differences between input and reference track for visual matching
  • Adjustable response time (averaging)
  • Precise Full-resolution or Smooth Half Octave Averaged display


  • Transparent Low-Cut Filter with adjustable cutoff frequency and 12 or 24 dB/octave slope
  • High-Shelving EQ with either a gentle characteristic or a steeper 12 dB/octave slope and variable gain and frequency for fine-tuning brilliance
  • Up to three freely adjustable general-purpose peaking EQs
  • Visualization of overall response curve

Multiband Dynamics

  • Three frequency bands with adjustable crossover frequencies
  • Two selectable crossover types (custom-designed, smooth Trinity crossover or more surgical phase-corrected 24 dB/oct Linkwitz-Riley (LR4) crossover)
  • Ratio, Attack, Knee, Release and Gain controls per band
  • Global "Compress" control and per-band Density control with intelligent make-up gain replace the traditional "Threshold" controls for easier operation
  • Precise gain reduction meters
  • The compressor section's response can optionally be included in the spectrum response curve display
  • Solo toggles to isolate bands for precise tuning


  • Automatic base normalization of input file
  • Two realtime normalizers (pre- and post multiband section) with optional analog saturation for transient cleanup, additional loudness maximization or sound shaping

Multiband Stereo Processing

  • Simple but effective Three-Band Stereo Width (M/S) controls from Mono to Extra-Wide
  • Fine-tuned with love, individually per band, for keeping perceived loudness and giving useful results
  • Basic Goniometer (Phase Scope)


  • Optional Wave Shaping with five selectable algorithms
  • HQ toggle for High-Quality Oversampling

Limiter / Clipper

  • Either a look-ahead brickwall limiter or a hard clipper can be used in the final stage depending on taste
  • Adjustable Attack and Release
  • Adjustable output ceiling from -2 to 0 dBFS


  • Responsive and accurate stereo output meters
  • RMS or LUFS (Momentary, Short Term, Integrated) metering
  • PEAK metering always shown simultaneously
  • Normalizers with accurate saturation / clip indication


  • Export as either standard 16/24-bit, or 32-bit float WAV files
  • Optional rectangular dithering